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Orthodontics is one of the most important branches of dentistry that is related with the study and treatment of malocclusions (improper bites), which may be a result of irregular teeth, disproportionate jaw relationships or both. This term came from the Greek words ortho that means straight and odons meaning tooth.

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Smile 'n' shine dental care centre provides the best possible orthodontic care with Dr Varun Grover

We are a one stop solution for all kinds of orthodontic treatments including adult orthodontics and invisible braces and ClearPath

Most commonly asked questions regarding Orthodontics

What exactly is orthodontics? Orthodontics proves helpful for:
  • Correction of crooked and irregular teeth using metallic or tooth colored braces
  • Make sure that milk teeth to fall off on time and helping permanent teeth to take proper positions
  • Correction of improper growth of upper and lower jaws if present by using special tools that can modify the jaw growth in growing children
  • Regulation of harmful mouth related habits like thumb sucking, nail biting or tongue thrusting and correction of any dental problems triggered by these habits.
Do I need Orthodontic treatment?
You may need Orthodontic treatment If
  • You feel that teeth are irregularly placed
  • There is gap between teeth
  • You feel that smile is not pleasing
  • You find that jaws are very prominent or there is excessive or undergrowth
  • You have thumb sucking or tongue thrusting habits
  • You experience increased fullness around upper and lower lips ( forwardly placed teeth )
What would be the procedure when I come for an orthodontic checkup at the clinic?

We will have a detailed discussion about your concern when you come for first orthodontic appointment.

Then, Dr Varun Grover will carry out a thorough clinical examination to decide whether orthodontic treatment is required for you or not. If treatment is required, the most probable line of treatment would be discussed along with all options.

If it is decided that I require treatment what would be the next steps?

The next step will check your history before starting the treatment. These records include photographs, duplication of teeth and X-rays (Radiographs). After collection and study of records actual treatment procedure would be started according to the requirement.

How long would the treatment take?

It is essential for you to know that duration depends on the type of treatment being used. It generally varies from 14-20 months however it may sometimes takes lesser or more time, again depending on the type of treatment required. You might be needed to visit the doctor at least once a month for appointments for complete healing.

Is it possible for an adult to undergo Orthodontic treatment?

Certainly! orthodontic treatment can be carried upon anybody irrespective of age. More and more grownups people nowadays seek orthodontic treatment and are treated successfully. It is very common misconception that adults cannot be treated orthodontically and their crooked teeth cannot be straightened!

Most people get orthodontic treatment because they realize that taking care of smile is part of taking care of you. Orthodontics definitely provides beautiful smile irrespective of age!