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Treatment Spectrum


Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Bleaching - Teeth Whitening

Procedure of teeth whitening or teeth bleaching restores natural shine to stained or discolored tooth or teeth. Always consult a trained dentist for this treatment because unproven and ineffective over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions might cause damage to the teeth instead of delivering expected results. Smile 'n' shine dental care centre serves patients with ZOOM-ADVANCED POWER that is considered the top ranked teeth whitening system across the world. This new age solution is the most powerful and safest technology till date that uses sodium arc bulb for effective cure. This scientifically prepared translucent bleaching gel is smeared on the affected teeth and a special activating light source is used to activate the crystals to absorb energy from light and penetrate enamel to enhance the lightening effect on naturally grown. Span of time in cosmetic dentist's chair depends on the gravity of problem you have. Generally, it takes one hour.

Another light source used at our world class dental care centre for this treatment is a high powered LED lamp. However, it is relatively less powerful bleaching system but proves inexpensive in comparison with above described solution.

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What Causes Tooth or Teeth Discoloration?
  • Teeth get stained because of several reasons namely use of coffee,tea,colas,some antibiotics,advancing age,tobacco use,trauma,post-rct&accidents.
Zoom! Advanced Power Frequently Asked Questions Who can become beneficiary with zoom?

Anyone, who is not less than 13 year of age in addition good health also makes sure that teeth are free of decay and calculus. Pregnant or lactating women must not go for this treatment!

Does Zoom! Advanced Power work on everyone?

Yellow staining caused by aging, tobacco products, and cola drinks can be removed perfectly with this process. Some patients will grey shading from tetracycline or other chemicals may have less dramatic results but should expect positive results from this method. Patients with persistent stains are treated with a combination of Zoom! Advanced Power Chairside System and several take home products. Regular use of instructions will surely deliver expected results in a short period of time. For commendable results, patients must go for an oral prophylaxis before tooth whitening appointment.

Why can?t pregnant women bleach?

However, experiments have not been carried out to measure the potential effects of whitening on pregnant women.

Are any constraints for using Zoom lamp for those who have been treated with Botox? Such patient must consult doctor. If, proper isolation is done then no light blasting should be there. Besides Botox, this situation must be followed even for Restlyn treated part.

How often can a patient Zoom!?

There are no limited numbers for visits but it is sure that more sittings do not necessarily yield better or whiter results.

How soon after a Zoom! procedure can a patient Zoom! again?

Generally, a week is the guideline to wait between procedures. However, patient may get more sensitive during next procedure.

Only a dental professional can give whitest teeth

Over-the-counter solutions can?t match the efficiency of professional whitening, science of latest formulas or security of knowing dental professional has the knowledge to make whitening treatment safest.

More than 4 million people have enjoyed the benefits of this treatment to give a beautiful white smile with Philips Zoom.

Whiter and clean teeth make you look younger and attractive.

Perhaps you are going for a job interview or to attend an important presentation or conference. Or maybe you are approaching a milestone and want to look a perfect personality.

Whatever the occasion is, whitening always boost self- confidence knowing that your smile looks charming makes you more smiling. And when you smile, whole world follows your footprints.